Phil Hodgkinson | CEO | Pure Legal

When it comes to acquisitions within the legal sector, it is paramount not only that thorough due diligence is carried out, but more importantly that it is carried out by independent specialists.
In-house due-diligence teams can be clouded by the circumstances of a potential acquisition, whereas ZebraLC have no pre-conceived ideas or involvement, therefore ensuring an entirely independent opinion and result.
We instructed ZebraLC to carry out due diligence in the purchase of specialist clinical negligence firm Pryers.
The quality of the report and work done was exemplary and impressive, as was the management of the whole due diligence project from start to finish, ensuring the staff of the target were entirely unaware of the reason for the project, therefore ensuring nobody was unsettled.
ZebraLC are clearly experts in their field, and PURE Business Group will use them in all of our future legal acquisitions.
Suffice to say, I recommend them highly.

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