One of the key challenges facing law firms is the ability to bridge the gap between operational performance and financial management. Many firms can claim to have leading case management software, but many find it hard to take full advantage of their system to maximise the monitoring of and overall performance of the firm.


ZebraLC works with management teams to get to the heart of risk management, fee earner performance and financial forecasting, by developing programmes of work to develop meaningful Management Information (”MI”). These programmes enable firm management to understand the relevant MI, and how to drive reporting that leads them to the key questions and decisions, rather than simply reporting factual data tables.

These programmes can include data cleansing, additional MI fields based round our RAMI analytics*, and output reporting development that identifies the relevant questions, exceptions and actions.

* RAMI Key WIP analysis metrics


ZebraLC provides the solution to get to real time data, enabling matters/caseloads to be tracked via prospects, quantum, indemnity risk, disbursement requirement, complexity, costs outcome and predicted timescales.

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