WIP Analytics using RAMI*


WIP Visibility

  • ♦ RBS bank refinance project for PI firm £22m+ T/O

  • ♦ RAMI analytics introduced by ZebraLC

  • ♦ Firm underwent a RAMI training programme using our Red Amber Green rating system

  • ♦ Firm used its own case management system for RAMI data completion by fee earners

  • ♦ Data now entered across all personal injury, NIHL and clinical negligence

  • ♦ Clear visibility of WIP risk, value and financial forecasting

  • ♦ Audit of the firm’s use of RAMI analytics to ensure veracity of data

Key performance indicators

  • √ Live view of WIP profile

  • √ WIP valuation at case level

  • √ Slow moving WIP identified and therefore managed

  • √ Indemnity risks highlighted, and therefore managed

  • √ Reports promote proactive management of cases and departments

  • √ Discontinued files purged, ensuring faster disbursement recovery

  • √ Visibility of working capital demand from disbursements

  • √ Closer view of pipeline WIP and estimated future fees

  • √ Live view of cash flow pipeline

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