Unity Law welcomes Zebra’s benchmark review

Our technical audit team at Zebra recently carried out a benchmarking review at award winning firm Unity Law. The testimonial from Unity Law’s Managing Partner speaks for itself…

Chris Fry at Unity Law

Zebra LC’s unique position within the market meant that we expected benchmarking by way of an independent audit would help us on our growth curve. We therefore chose to see our Zebra audit as an opportunity to demonstrate what we thought we were doing well, whilst collecting feedback as to what we could do better. The list of what was to be inspected was formidable and forensic, and whilst the team at Zebra HQ worked on their analysis remotely, 6 expert auditors spent two days with us reviewing the quality of our systems, our fee earning work, and the value of the WIP on those cases, even to the extent as to whether we would be vulnerable to challenges in cases which were successful.
Our Grade A result rewarded our quality service, and better still provided us with commercial and investment opportunities which have accelerated our plans to develop the business.

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