ZebraLC launches personal injury knowledge hub through business offshoot ZebraTD

An industry-first hub of ‘peer regarded’ experts has been launched to combine the expertise, and innovation of leading minds in the personal injury sector, accessing their invaluable foresight to help professionals identify risk, opportunity and clarify strategy in their business.

The ZebraTD™ PI Knowledge Share Hub (“PiKS”) and its Technical Advisory Board is a unique offering for PI professionals across England and Wales, to encourage ‘real-time’ collaboration and online knowledge-share. It will help practices and affiliated industries to quickly recognise key trends and implement some of the advice and guidance of hugely experienced individuals, alongside a new risk outsourcing service offered by ZebraTD™

Launched by ZebraTD™ (a new personal injury focused offshoot of the multi award-winning risk and due diligence specialist Zebra LC™), the Board’s ‘peer-regarded’ experts are known for their practice, costs, marketing, risk, compliance and leadership skills. The Board will actively support ZebraTD at strategic thought leadership level and will publish regular trend reports to the online hub and also the wider sector. This will include reviewing live sector issues as well as discussing risk trends seen via ZebraLC’s audit and due diligence data.

The collaborative hub “PiKS” will focus on supporting the practices of personal injury including catastrophic injury, industrial disease and clinical negligence. Practitioners that join the bespoke online and on demand knowledge share will be able to access trend data and collaborate with both Zebra’s technical consultants, members of the Board and other like minded practitioners to help make the industry ‘the very best it can be’.

Vicki Acres Head of Technical & Risk Outsourcing & Chair of the Technical Advisory Board for ZebraTD™, said:The members and our technical consultants are each extremely accomplished in their field and we are very fortunate that they have agreed to dedicate their time and to share their experience.”

“Any client operating in the injury sector will be interested in what we have to say. There are huge challenges facing the legal sector and we hope that our offering will enable them to identify value and opportunities in their own caseloads in their own practices to become more successful. That’s our aim, to help businesses in the injury sector become more profitable.”

Board member, CEO of InjuryLawyers4U and Managing Partner of Amelans, Andrew Twambley, was sold on the idea of collaboration at a wider level, as he said: “One of the reasons we set up InjuryLawyers4U was to destroy the myth that solicitors couldn’t work together. Collaboration is key to our success – to create something big enough to take on the might of the insurance industry by sharing our knowledge and understanding.”

“The platform allows us to support practitioners with technical, trend, costs issues or risks urgently and at the time of need. The Board can also use its experience and foresight to help create strategies that can help practitioners in the future.”

Claire Green, Claire Green Legal Services, Board member and Policy & Development Officer for the Association of Costs Lawyers, said: “What sparked my interest in that it is so very innovative in its approach to the changes taking place in the legal profession. We have reached a milestone now and its time for our approach to change.

“Obviously when change hits, people don’t like it which is why it’s got to be led by innovative, dynamic individuals and I think Zebra fits that particular profile.”

Chris Fry, Partner, Unity Law and ZebraTD™ Board member, added: “The concept of bringing together experts who are peer regarded as leading experts in their field was too much to turn down. Being able to talk to these absolute experts about future concepts, what we think is going to happen and how we can help firms to manage is really very important.

“What we can bring is the expertise from our specialist fields and how the average law firm might well respond to some of the changes that we know are on the horizon.”

Tracey Graham, Director of Industrial Disease & Multi-Track, 20:20 Legal explained the relevance of the new Board and ZebraTD™ service to ‘inform best working practice, help the sector excel in standards and ensure we’re all at the top of our game’: “The marketplace continues to change massively and we need to continue to strive to be the best we can be. I’m all for a challenge and I think the team here is feeling likewise and wants to embrace it all.”

Zoe Holland, Managing Director, ZebraLC™, said the dynamic new ZebraTD™ approach is to offer a safe, go-to online portal for practitioners: “It is our aim to concentrate on improving technical excellence, productivity, efficiency and fee earning capability to increase profit.

“We have an unrivalled team of technical experts within the team and clients have the benefit of sharing experience, seeking advice and having support from these industry leaders.”

Acres added: “Our clients will have the opportunity to join two collaborative platforms, alongside accessing our new risk outsourcing services. One is an entirely private platform between the client and ZebraTD™ in which client information will be stored securely. This is useful for questions that are specific to their business and require confidentiality and secure data share with us. This is also an online and on demand service which works across multi access devices such as iPhones, Android, all tablets and a web browser. The vision is to provide an inclusive knowledge share across the industry.  With the significant changes within the sector now is not the time to be isolationist or exclusive in sharing information and support on incoming reform or rising practice and process trends.

“What we want to do is to encourage as many practitioners as possible to join in, share knowledge and to assist each other, not as rivals but to strengthen their own position in the marketplace. All practitioners in the injury sector are welcome to join.  Corporate members and associated industry businesses are also welcome to join.” Zoe Holland.

The inaugural ZebraTD™ Technical Advisory Board meeting took place on 29 October 2015 and its members discussed key topics which are thought to take a lead on the Hub, including: the potential fixed fees for Clinical Negligence and also Industrial Disease caseloads; issues arising from Costs Budgeting; Professional Negligence; solutions in this environment for volume and multi-track work and; CFA Assignments. A paper will be produced at the start of 2016.

Zebra TD™ Technical Advisory Board Members

Vicki Acres (Chair)                               Head of Technical & Risk Outsourcing, ZebraLC & ZebraTD

Professor Dominic Regan               The industry’s most knowledgeable Costs commentator and trainer.

Tracey Graham                                      Director of Industrial Disease & Multi-Track, Your Legal Friend.

Chris Fry                                                     Partner, Unity Law & Fusion Law

Claire Green                                           Claire Green Legal Services & Policy Officer for the Association of Costs Lawyers & ZebraLC Consultant

Terry Lee                                                   Consultant, Wollen Michelmore & ZebraLC

Kevin Latham                                         Barrister at Kings Chambers, specialising in costs litigation

Andrew Twambley                             CEO, InjuryLawyers4U & Managing Partner, Amelans Solicitors[VA5]

Cathie Delaney                                                      Clinical negligence technical specialist, ZebraLC & ZebraTD


Media Contacts


Vicki Acres                                                                                                     Zoe Holland

Head of Technical & Risk Outsourcing, Zebra TD™             Managing Director, ZebraLC™


t: 0161 635 0213                                                                                       t: 0161 635 0213

e: victoriaacres@zebralc.co.uk                                                                        e: zoeholland@zebralc.co.uk


Notes to Editors

ZebraTD™ is a personal injury focused business offshoot of ZebraLC™. It brings a sector first: an online and on demand knowledge share and risk outsourcing service in complex areas such as clinical negligence, industrial disease and serious injury.

Why has it launched?

Whilst ZebraLC™ has technical coverage in all areas of legal service, a number of the business’ major M&A, law firm diagnostic and bank funding projects have been within the personal injury sector. This provides a unique insight into the risk, value and opportunity in legal businesses operating within this specialist sector.

For injury litigation of the future, ZebraTD™ supports legal businesses in the successful delivery of profitable, efficient and risk aware personal injury legal services. The offshoot is supported by a national cohort of experienced technical and commercially focused injury experts with a proven track record.

All technical experts are trained under Zebra’s core methodology and individually selected. The team works in a collaborative buddy system – sharing knowledge and enabling ‘best of breed’ technical development.

PI Knowledge Hub

Zebra’s knowledge platform provides a totally unique offering to the personal injury sector. All ZebraTD™ clients are invited into its specialist Knowledge Hub. This is a bespoke collaboration platform to enable clients to have multi interface access to the Board and Zebra’s team of specialists. Whether via a web browser, tablet, iPad, iPhone or Android, clients can collaborate, knowledge share and support each other with instant interaction.

ZebraTD™ also offers a ‘white labeled’ outsourcing service in complex litigation areas such as industrial disease, clinical negligence and serious injury. Experienced experts form an unrivalled outsourcing team. Already proven as ‘excellent’ in an existing large volume clinical negligence contract, the team where required, can work remotely via a law firm’s Proclaim system.

Delivering knowledge share via innovative technology has been a key driver in establishing ZebraTD™ and the collaborative PI Knowledge Hub is a unique way of offering clients unique added-value.




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