Zoe Holland joins CJC Working Group on NIHL

ZebraLC’s Managing Director, Zoe Holland has joined the Civil Justice Working Group to investigate the impact that fixed fees may have on noise induced hearing loss claims. Zoe joins as part of the ongoing Working Group project.

In July 2015, the Working Group was asked to look at Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims as a whole but also to investigate what kind of impact fixed fees would have on these types of claims. The work conducted on the fees is to address the structure rather than the fee itself.

Zoe Holland, ” I am delighted to be part of the working group and welcome the opportunity to contribute and discuss with UK legal sector leaders.”

The task outlined by the MOJ is as follows:

“The group may outline more than one optional structure. The structure(s) will be informed by the proposals for improved handling under [the second limb of the work], which could include both pre‐ and post‐issue procedures and the way in which medical evidence is commissioned.”

It is envisaged that the working group will operate in two stages. First, having identified the concerns of both claimants and defendants and their lawyers over the conduct of NIHL claims, “it will discuss and agree broad ideas for handling cases that would help meet those concerns. It will also outline a possible overall structure (or structures) for a fixed costs system”.

Second, in the light of initial feedback from the Ministry of Justice, it will look in more detail at how these could be implemented.

“This work may include recommendations as to the level of fixed costs themselves or how they could be calculated.”


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