Andrew Holroyd | Executive Chairman | Jackson Canter

We instructed ZebraLC to carry out the technical and WIP due diligence in the acquisition of Lees. Zebra has an excellent reputation in personal injury WIP valuation. The project gave us an invaluable insight to the Firm.  Zoe and her team work in a discreet manner and follow a strict confidentiality protocol which is imperative in law firm acquisition. I recommend them highly.

Mark Preston | Business Development Manager | Yorkshire Bank

Zebra provided a report for a ‘new to bank’ prospective law firm in the personal injury sector. The report focussed on due diligence surrounding WIP value, technical competency within the firm and risk profile of the work. A valued output from the report was the firm’s benchmark rating. Whilst the bank gained comfort and confidence from Zebra’s independent report, the law firm also gained tangible value. We were delighted to offer the law firm favourable banking terms.”

Karen Jackson | CEO | Roberts Jackson


Tim Ritchie | Head of M&A | Fairpoint Group PLC

ZebraLC™ was recommended to Fairpoint PLC as niche experts in WIP and technical due diligence with a unique offering. Assessing the recoverability and cash conversion of the WIP of the acquisition target formed a key part of our overall due diligence programme. Understanding and diligencing complex legal matters across a variety of contingent and non-contingent work-types required a particular blend of legal and financial expertise and this is exactly what ZebraLC brought to the evaluation process. Zoe and her team worked to tight deadlines and operated in a discreet and confidential manner, an absolute imperative for a publicly quoted company such as Fairpoint. We look forward to working with ZebraLC again.

John Roberts | Managing Partner | Waldrons

Zebra LC carried out a technical due diligence project following recommendation via a professional indemnity insurer. The team carried out an indemnity risk due diligence on commercial property and personal injury. The report was extremely helpful, thorough and was of significant value to us. The whole process was professional and efficient. Following the report, Zoe gave us invaluable advice. Her approach was frank, honest and above all commercial. Thank you.

Jon Pickering | Director | North Edge Capital

Zoe Holland was recommended to North Edge as a leading expert in the field of technical and WIP due diligence. We were impressed with Zoe’s grasp of the visibility we required, and also her understanding of the personal injury sector. ZebraLC™ audited Roberts Jackson and provided a report to the investment Board. The audit team was discreet and professional, something which was of significant importance to ourselves and also Roberts Jackson. ZebraLC’s role within the due diligence process was invaluable to us as external investors.

 We look forward to working with Zoe in the future.

Hilary Meredith | CEO | Hilary Meredith Solicitors

Zoe Holland and her team at Zebra Legal Consulting are enjoying unparalleled success in their business accruement and due diligence of law firms.

Having just been audited by Zebra it has been the most thorough audit ever conducted on my firm. This audit undertakes risk profiling and valuation of WIP as well assessing viability, technical competency and operational risk. The audit also benchmarks where the firm is placed against other due diligence audits carried out by Zebra. Unlike LEXCEL which adopts a procedural based compliance, Zebra’s review assesses the true value of work in progress, quality and profitability of work, viability of files, staff skill sets, and case duration to name but a few.

The industry recognises that the lifeblood of the law firm of the future is in its quality, expertise, low operational risk, financial management and healthy asset base (profitable work and highly valuable WIP). These are the areas that banks and professional indemnity insurers are looking at more closely.

It was our decision to change our banking facilities from the Coop, who we have enjoyed a long and good relationship with. We recognised for the Firm to grow and develop and take advantage of various opportunities change was necessary. From four potential contenders it became clear that the Yorkshire bank was the forerunner and it was the Yorkshire who initiated the full audit.

The team of 6 went through everything in the office warts and all over a 2-day period. The audit team included Zoe and other senior injury practitioners; including specialists with national reputations, and ratings in Legal 500 and Chambers. The fact that Zoe’s team is discreet, and confidential was of significant importance to my management team.

To be audited by your peer group is daunting. The independent review has been invaluable. We knew we would pass but what we did not expect was to receive the first ever “A” rating for a law firm. This has given my teams and me the confidence that we are doing it right. We also took on board recommendations made within the report, as continual business improvement is key to our future strategy. Further, the Yorkshire bank can be satisfied that they know my business as a new client inside out from day one.

Barry Wilkinson | Partner | Wilkinson Read

Wilkinson Read and ZebraLC have worked together on a recent project reviewing a NIHL department within a successful personal injury practice. ZebraLC worked with the law firm and Wilkinson Read to bridge the gap between financial, operational and fee earner performance. They implemented a WIP analysis programme (RAMI* analytics) via Proclaim, enabling the firm to track case progression and cash flow. The approach has been professional, pragmatic and commercial. ZebraLC has delivered tangible value. I have enjoyed working with Zoe and her team, and do not hesitate to recommend Zebra to clients.

Chris Ficken | Senior Client Manager | Hera Indemnity

Hera Indemnity have been recommending our clients to ZebraLC for a number of years. They provide an extremely valuable service to law firms, especially with regard to indemnity risk profiling. Zebra have a unique role working with the legal sector and in our experience offer a very professional and comprehensive service.

Chris Davis | CEO | Money Plus Group

Making sure that we carry out the right level of Due Diligence is massively important to us. Identifying the correct partner to work with can also be a challenge. We have to make sure that the DD advisor understands what we want to achieve and they have to balance our demands with the pressure felt by vendors during the process. When we worked with Zebra myself and my team were massively impressed with many facets of their business. Zebra understood our strategy. They were able to identify where the pressure points of the vendor might be and they also made some very helpful suggestions regarding post completion matters. In addition the report was thorough and crucially delivered on time. The report and our working relationship provided us with the comfort that we needed in order to progress the transaction and to satisfy our private equity sponsors and lenders.

Frances McCarthy, Managing Partner & Head of Personal Injury, Pattinson Brewer

ZebraLC™ recently carried out a technical and WIP due diligence report on Pattinson Brewer for bank funding. This included a personal injury WIP Valuation. The whole project was an excellent process. This was demonstrated from scoping, during the field audit and through to the comprehensive report. The approach was very professional, pragmatic and with clear understanding of confidentiality and the SRA regulated environment we work within. The technical auditors were very knowledgeable, understood the cases, and clearly demonstrated their expertise. The final recommendations were very helpful and we are working through them.

Phil Hodgkinson | CEO | Pure Legal

When it comes to acquisitions within the legal sector, it is paramount not only that thorough due diligence is carried out, but more importantly that it is carried out by independent specialists.
In-house due-diligence teams can be clouded by the circumstances of a potential acquisition, whereas ZebraLC have no pre-conceived ideas or involvement, therefore ensuring an entirely independent opinion and result.
We instructed ZebraLC to carry out due diligence in the purchase of specialist clinical negligence firm Pryers.
The quality of the report and work done was exemplary and impressive, as was the management of the whole due diligence project from start to finish, ensuring the staff of the target were entirely unaware of the reason for the project, therefore ensuring nobody was unsettled.
ZebraLC are clearly experts in their field, and PURE Business Group will use them in all of our future legal acquisitions.
Suffice to say, I recommend them highly.

John Durkan | Managing Director | Switalskis

Zebra carried out a WIP valuation and risk profiling project on our firm. The end to end process was very impressive from NDA, through to scoping, field audit and final report.  The initial scoping of the project was excellent and ensured a commercial approach. The final report was comprehensive and demonstrated a clear understanding of our firm across a wide range of practice areas. At the helm, Zoe has surrounded herself with an impressive team. Zebra provide a unique, excellent service. I recommend them highly.


Jonathan Doughty | Associate Director | Minster Law

ZebraLC carried out a ‘business as usual’ governance audit for Minster Law. The team worked to a challenging timeline and produced a clear and insightful report.  Our senior stakeholders found Zebra’s input to be good value.

Peter Dobie | Head of Legal Protection| Allianz Retail

ZebraLC and Allianz Legal Protection are working together to ensure that good quality firms are prepared to meet the challenges that the CN ATE insurance sector brings, head on.

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